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Come home to your body. Come Home to yourself.


Grace and Grit offers personal development trainings, coaching and dance classes to an international community of women in The Netherlands.

“Grace & Grit uses body-centered approaches in its trainings and coaching and sensory-based awareness in its dance classes. These methods help access the natural and often untapped wisdom and intelligence of the body.”

Grace and Grit works with other leadership development trainers and companies as well as educational institutions to help integrate embodied learning into their programs and curricula.

Kim Brice is the founder of Grace & Grit (more about Kim). She created Grace & Grit to help women come home to themselves, their natural authority and authenticity. She supports women to lead their lives with greater awareness and purpose.

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What’s in a name?

Grace & Grit represent the feminine and masculine qualities we need to live with awareness and purpose. Grace is consciousness, curiosity, presence, and compassion. Grit is courage, determination, fierceness and passion.

Kim Brice



Kim Brice embodies Grace & Grit. She is your trainer, coach, and dance teacher. Her passion is helping individuals lead their (personal and professional) lives with greater awareness and purpose. She seeks to contribute to creating a more balanced world where each and every individual creates and receives the space in themselves and in society to be who they are.

Her background

She holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Smith College and an M.A in International Relations from Columbia University in the United States as well as a degree in Integral Leadership and Coaching from Venwoude, a center for personal and spiritual development based in The Netherlands. Kim is also a soon-to-be certified mindfulness trainer from the Amsterdam-based Centrum voor Mindfulness. She is also a certified White, Green and Blue Belt Nia teacher. She is a strong cross-cultural communicator and facilitator. She developed these skills during her more than 20 years working as an activist and manager in the international human rights and social justice sectors.

Her approach

In order to be able to offer her clients state of the art approaches and practices, she regularly studies with leading personal development and somatic trainers from all over the world, deepening her understanding of the relationship between body and mind, movement, personal leadership and well-being. She receives regular supervision from senior trainers and coaches and continuously invests in her personal growth so she can bring greater presence, curiosity, compassion, and sharpness to everything she does.

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