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Nia is a holistic movement concept that combines elements of dance, martial arts, and relaxation techniques.

“Every class invites you to be in your body and to experience the joy of movement. You can expect to laugh, sweat, and let go of any tension you hold inside.” 

With Nia, you get a strong, grounded, flexible, and relaxed body and mind. You learn to move fast and slow, with power and ease, precision and fluidity. You move your whole self — body, mind, emotion and spirit — with awareness and pleasure. With Kim Brice as your teacher (more about Kim), you can expect to get a weekly dynamic, playful, and spirited workout.


What they say about Nia classes

  • Kim is menselijk, vrouwelijk, begripvol, verbinder, veel humor, sprankelend, enthousiasmerend, kwetsbaar, just lovely!
  • Nia is fun, joy and mindfulness in movement. It is embodied learning. The perfect balance between form and freedom. Letting whatever needs to come. Kim is creative, eager, she laughs about herself, she is authentic.
  • I learned that the body is an amazing instrument that demands to be listened to and that can carry me through life’s difficult moments. I have more confidence in my body and know how to do my own healing when necessary.

Join a Nia class!

Every Sunday and tuesday at K'dans in The Hague


SUNDAY 9H00 TO 10H00
TUESDAY 20H30 TO 21H30

Van Merlenstraat 65c
2518 TC Den Haag

Just drop in. No reservations required. Come in comfortable clothing. We move with bare feet. Classes are €11.

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