Lead with greater resilience and

What do you sense wants to come?

less distracted more present less doubt more trust less fear more curiosity less perfectionism more excellence less push more flow less resistance more acceptance less tight more flexible

Let me guide you there.

Nia helps me come home to my body. The classes are pure pleasure and bring me back into balance. Nia is a wonderful way to regain one's mobility and develop new movement abilities. Kim is an inspiring, creative and deeply committed teacher. She makes me feel happy.
Ellen Persoon
Communications advisor and actrice
Kim supported me in designing my (new) life and defining my purpose after leaving my job because of burn out. She helped me see that I am creative and taught me to use the intelligence of my body to excel. At the end of my sessions with her, I felt much more empowered. Kim creates a judgement-free zone where one can blossom.
Mar Cabra
Executive Director, The Self-Investigation
I am now aware of my habitual way of reacting under stress and learned how to connect with an inner stillness. I learned to slow down, feel and to stop when I need to. I learned about the importance of being able to switch from doing to being mode. Kim is the best trainer I can imagine. She is dedicated, passionate and creative. She takes care of every detail and is understanding and open.
Drees Koren


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