Burnout prevention or recovery coaching

Burnout  prevention or recovery coaching

Do you feel overly stressed, overwhelmed or burnt out? Are you trying to find a way out of what feels like a downward spiral?

If you can relate to this, it’s very likely that you’ve been under too much stress for too long. This gradually depletes our inner battery and causes imbalances that could be compromising your overall health.

Here’s a way to assess whether you require professional help.

Is this you?

  • You feel moderately to intensely tired
  • Your sleep is disturbed or restless
  • You’re more irritable than normal
  • You tend to become easily emotional
  • You feel like you have to rush all the time
  • You have difficulty concentrating
  • It’s hard to calm your busy mind
  • You worry more than usual
  • You have more physical complaints than usual

If you recognize 3 or more of these symptoms and have them regularly, there’s a good chance that your body has been under chronic stress.

If you have had the above symptoms for 6 months or more and you feel:
exhausted even when you’re doing nothing
incompetent or hopeless because you’re feeling ineffective and unable to accomplish what you used to
resentful, cynical or detached from what you once loved

You may be at risk of a burnout
The good news is that you can do something about this. These signals are your body’s way of telling you that it’s time to take a step back and reassess how you’re relating to stressors in both your professional and/or personal life. Ignoring your internal warning system and doing nothing won’t help!

Professional guidance can enable you to get back on your feet, faster. You’ll enhance your self-awareness and have tools to help yourself be more resilient to avoid a relapse. You’ll learn to negotiate boundaries and focus on what’s important so you can continue doing what you love and sustain your health or sanity.

Start with a free orientation call or sign-up for a 75-minute intake, without any obligation. An intake includes an assessment of your risk level of a burnout and a proposal for a coaching trajectory. If we agree to work together, we’ll support you through three distinct phases of prevention or recovery. The sessions can be online or in-person in The Hague.

  1. Orientation call (30 minutes). A free orientation call to address your questions and concerns.
  2. An intake (75 minutes). Prior to the intake, you will be invited to complete two surveys. The evaluation of the survey results as well as a thorough discussion of your current situation and concerns will enable me to make a sound proposal for a coaching trajectory and costs. This will serve as a basis for a coaching agreement.
  3. A coaching trajectory. On average, you can expect eight to ten 75 minute sessions (in-person or online) spaced over a 3 to 4 month period. Below is a description of the standard methodology.

Step 1: The Fundamentals of stress (approx. 3 sessions)
You’ll learn:

  • The basics about stress and burnout prevention or recovery
  • How to self-regulate your nervous system and manage your energy
  • How to design a self-care plan and implement it
  • How to garner support and understanding at work and at home

Step 1 will support you to improve your sense of physical balance and your ability to respond to stressful events in a more supportive way. It’s the start of your prevention or recovery process.

Step 2: Greater self-awareness and personal agency (approx. 3 to 4 sessions)
You’ll learn:

  • How to identify your stress signals: from healthy to burnout
  • How to disarm unconscious behaviors and thought patterns that keep you from making supportive choices
  • How to relate more skillfully to worrying and negative thoughts
  • To identify your key energy takers (stressors) and your energy givers and how to better navigate them
  • How to prepare yourself to go back to work (if you’ve had to stop working)

Step 2 will support you to become more aware of both your stressors and energy givers and the physical, mental, emotional and behavioral signals that accompany them. You will have learned how to relate to unsupportive thoughts in a more effective way. You’re taking better care of yourself and you’re sensing an overall improvement in how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

Step 3: Mastery: how to sustain what you have learned (approx. 3 to 4 sessions)

You’ll learn;

  • To think and act more realistically
  • To negotiate boundaries with yourself and others
  • Listen and respond more appropriately to your body’s stress signals
  • Priority setting and self-management at work and at home
  • How to relate to stressful situations or a relapse more skillfully

Step 3 empowers you to embody and adjust what you have learned in order to sustain the supportive new habits you have been practicing.

  • Certification: Key Skills for Managers Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace, Mind Share Partners  (2024) 
  • Course: Disclosing a mental health challenge to your Manager, Mind Share Partners (2024)
  • Certification: Nooit Meer Burn Out Methodology (Anita Roelands) 2023
  • Certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Trainer, Centrum voor Mindfulness, Amsterdam, 2017 
  • Course: Inside Coaching, Coaches Rising, The Netherlands (2020)
  • Course: The Power of Embodied Transformation, Coaches Rising, The Netherlands (2022) 
  • Certification: Integral Leadership Course: personal leadership coaching training, Venwoude Institute, NL (2011-2013)
  • Course: Personal Excellence: Opening, Fundamentals and Centaur, Venwoude Institute NL (2009-2010)
  • Certification: White, Green, Blue and Brown Belts, Nia instructor, Nia USA (2009-2022)
  • Course: Facilitated Session Leader Training, CapGemini Academy, NL (2005)
  • Course: Communication Training, Essence Training, NL (2005)
  • Course: The Challenge: inspiring leadership and management, Essence Training, NL (2004)
  • Course: Training for managers in fundamentals of human resource development, Kuin Coaching NL (2004)
  • Course: Source, Experience your authentic inner strength, Essence Training NL (2003)
  • Course: Essence, Explore your hidden talent, Essence Training NL (2002) 

An orientation meeting (30 minutes online or by phone, obligation free)
Free: online
A 30-minute call to address questions and concerns

Note: fees quoted below exclude 21% VAT

An Intake (75 minute session in-person in The Hague or online, obligation free)

  • Paid by employer € 185,-
  • Out-of-pocket (employed) € 135,-
  • Out-of-pocket (unemployed) € 75,-

A 75-minute session which includes a formal burnout assessment.Based on the intake, you receive a proposal for a coaching trajectory.

Coaching Trajectory (in-person in The Hague or online)

  • Paid by employer – € 205,- / 75 min session
  • Out-of-pocket (employed) – € 155,- / 75 min session
  • Out-of-pocket (unemployed) – € 95,- / 75 min session

Most trajectories require a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 sessions

If you have a question, need more information or wish to sign-up for an event, send Kim a message. Don’t hesitate to call her at +31 (0)6 40 84 39 46, Kim is old fashioned and still enjoys human rather than virtual contact.