The impetus to re-design my website can from a good friend who gave me unsolicited feedback one fine afternoon. She said, ” Kim you have got to get new photos of yourself taken. The photo you use on your website just doesn’t fit!”  This remark created a chain of events that helped me understand that I had evolved inside and out and not only did photographs of myself no longer fit, neither did my website.

This website is the result of many hours of hard work over many months with a wonderful team of professionals and friends.

I am so grateful to all those who helped me develop and design it and I recommend  the following individuals wholeheartedly:

Webdesign and development by Kompas Marketing

Styling and design Margo Witte. See

Kim’s photographs were taken by Bambos Demetriou. He is based in Amsterdam and will travel for assignments. See

And, to all of you, no need to create everything from scratch.  My website is not an original. I used Tara Mohr’s as a  starting point, a trainer and thinker who has inspired me through the years. So thank you Tara Mohr and your web design team for your talent! See

Last but not least, the title” Experimenting with life without a job identity” (the title of one my former coaching clients in the reviews section on the Home page) comes from Frederic Laloux. Isn’t it brilliant?! It reminds me that we need not define ourselves by a specific job title and that we can feel free to wholeheartedly fulfill more than one of our talents.