Harvesting the gifts of the pandemic


Times of great disruption often allow us to uncover what really matters to us in life. This is part of what makes us resilient. This session will invite you to contemplate what positive changes have come about on a personal and collective level as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. What changes have you made or would like to make? What would you like to sustain in your way of life beyond this period of disruption?  And what about society in general?

Allison will dive into the link between resiliency and the skill we are all able to learn: to shift how we perceive and experience a stressful situation into positive terms especially when the initial response is emotionally hot.

You can expect to take away concrete practices you can integrate into your life from the field of positive psychology. Discover how you are already resilient by reflecting on what you did during this period of uncertainty and disruption that was supportive and life affirming for yourself and others.  

This session will be co facilitated by Allison Stern. Allison is motivated by beauty in its many forms. She started out as a jewelry designer, but growing a thriving business took a toll on her health. This then led her on a personal development journey. After training as a personal coach, she began working with teams and groups, and then earned a PhD in organizational systems. She now helps individuals and groups navigate change through uncovering the opportunities that lie in difficult moments. Her process of discovery supports the potential and beauty that lie in each of us.  Allison is trained and certified in many models and tools, including Immunity to Change and Positive Psychology.

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