Managing digital distraction and overload


Are you finding it hard to digest all the information coming at you through your various digital devices? Or you allowing yourself to get sucked into social media, checking email, and WhatsApp messages more than you would like?  Is the digital world feeling more like an energy drainer than a facilitator of information exchange?

Learn how social media and other digital tools and devices are designed to manipulate and hook your attention. Learn why human beings are not designed for the amount or speed of information we are exposed to. Explore what your biggest digital distractor is and how to overcome overstimulation by designing your own detox plan.

This session’s guest teacher and facilitator is Mar Cabra. She embodies the investigative journalist:  inquisitive, a networker, facts obsessed, and fiercely determined.  She is a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist who suffered a burn out after leading the technology and data work for the Panama Papers, a global investigation which revealed a full cross section of offshore financial industry secrecy that revealed links to organized crime and serious financial wrongdoing. She is currently an Acumen Fellow raising awareness about how technology is changing how we interact with ourselves, each other, and as a society.   

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