Keeping my battery charged


Suddenly you have had to juggle your personal and professional roles under one roof and it has sometimes felt like a wrestling match. The thought of eventually going back to “normal” or what the “new normal” might be raises concerns or overwhelm. Or perhaps you generally struggle with creating boundaries between work and life and  creating free time for yourself. As a result, you don’t always have the energy to be at your best with yourself, your loved ones or colleagues.   

During this session you will learn about common pitfalls and how to be aware of your energy levels. When are you in your “green” or “yellow” energy zones? How do you get yourself in and out of balance? You will have the opportunity to craft at least one positive and manageable step you can take to sustain your vitality.

This session’s co-facilitator and guest teacher is Anita Roelands.  Anita is an organizational psychologist and expert in burn out prevention and rehabilitation. She has always been fascinated by human behavior, and especially stress and trauma growing up around firefighters. After ending university exhausted and depleted, she made it her mission to teach herself how to channel her enthusiasm in a healthier way and to learn to excel while taming her overachiever tendencies. Anita is practical, no nonsense, and an all-around sweetheart who has devoted the last 15 years of her life helping people recreate balance in their lives. Anita is author of Nooit meer burn-out (Never again a burn out) which was published in 2012 and is in its fourth edition.

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The session is from 20:00 to 21:30 (CET). It will be held in English, streamed via Zoom, enforcing security precautions.   

Payment is on a donation basis, pay what this session is worth to you or what you can. Do not let your finances be a reason not to join this journey.  Many of us are facing hard times.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log into the session and how to make a donation.