Being stuck and getting unstuck


Are you feeling stuck in how you are relating to this period of uncertainty? Or perhaps in how you are relating to work, a relationship, or something else?  Are you longing to let go of a way of being so another part of you can emerge?

During this session, you will learn about how the way you shape and hold your body affects how you think and behave. You will get the opportunity to explore where and how you are feeling stuck and sense what needs to shift in order to move into the change you want to be. This session intends to get you out of thinking your way out of a problem and into sensing your way through it. You will explore a body-based method to feel into the stuck areas and offer insights about how you need to shift in order to move into the change you want to be.   

The session is led by Kim Brice and co-facilitated with Muriel Hillenius. Kim  teaches dance and facilitates trainings in mindfulness-based stress reduction and resilience. She coaches individuals to move through turning points in their lives. Kim is warm and humorous. She is fascinated by what the body has to teach us. She has lived many professional lives from being a human rights activist and a non-profit manager and consultant, to nurturing human development and growth through self-awareness, inquiry and movement.

Muriel Hillenius is a certified coach and trainer. She supports individuals and organizations through their development process by facilitating trust, connection, leadership and entrepreneurship. Unlocking the potential we were born with is what inspires her. She is also a yoga teacher and mindfulness trainer and founded Glow Retreats on the island of Mallorca.

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