A Three Minute Breathing Space meditation

The 3 minute breathing space is a mini meditation for weaving mindfulness into your everyday life.

The breathing space can be helpful when you notice that you are getting overly busy, caught up in your head or are experiencing physical tension, emotional upset or tiredness. It is also helpful to help you transition from one activity to another. When you end or start an activity, like a meeting or a phone call for example. Or just before you walk through the door to enter your office at the start of the day or as you come home at the end of a work day. So try to practice the breathing at different times throughout your day.

Engaging in this practice allows you to step out of the autopilot mode or your normal reactivity, reestablish contact with yourself and reconnect with the present moment. This can help create a sense of space between you and the situation, to see it with from a different perspective, and to choose to respond in a more conscious and wise


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